About us

If clothing companies were people you knew, Life Authentic Apparel would be the fun loving, laid back person that you would look for when you need someone to tell you, “Hey, life is worth living!  Enjoy every experience and every moment as it is happening.”

Yes, we’d be the guy backpacking through Europe in the summers.  We’d be the girl riding her bike to the café in hopes of playing her guitar for the crowd.  We’d be the group of friends that you meet up with at sunset on the lake with guitars with a plan for a memorable night.

Life Authentic Apparel is about real people.  We’ve been doing this for ten years, and have come to realize that your outward appearance should match how you are on the inside.  Approachable, genuine, fun, and sometimes even a bit flirty, we try to keep things calm and relaxed, just like our sweatshirts and hoodies.

At Life Authentic Apparel, we know that you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort in order to look good.  Enjoy life!  Explore the world around you.

Get lost.  Dance in the rain.  Fall in love.  Twice.  But, do it without the stress of worrying about your image. Focus on the friends you’ve made and the memories you are making. Be Young.  Be Hip.  Be Free.


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“Hey, life is worth living! Enjoy every experience and every moment as it is happening.”